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Protecting your identity online

Bitsafe secures payments, money and other digital assets of online adult entertainment businesses, their affiliates and adult talent. Feel free to be who you want to be.

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Basic Payment Account with IBAN

Open your private online payment account and start sending and receiving payments with ease.

Accept credit cards on your website

Start accepting credit cards for your entertainment website or online services. Bitsafe operates various solutions, even if your website is considered high-risk by VISA and MasterCard.

Lowest priced domains with maximum privacy

Bitsafe operates Bitsafe Domains – an ICANN accredited registrar where domains are sold at cost price. Various privacy services are available to protect your identity.

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Business and Personal Use

Use the internet on your terms. Open an account for either work or personal use where you can be in total control of your identity. Money transfers between Bitsafe accounts are always free of charge.

Bitsafe Domains

Domains at cost price and various discreet privacy services. We will protect your personal information from data breaches and prying eyes. With Bitsafe Domains you can be sure that your identity is protected.

A safe place to conduct your business on the internet

Bitsafe makes the internet a safe place to engage in financial transactions, free from privacy infringement, identity theft and governmental control.

Be in total control of your brand identity

Register your domain name with the option to protect your identity with one of our privacy services. Use the internet on your terms.

High Risk accepted

Start accepting credit cards for your entertainment website with Verotel, CardBilling, GayCharge or Bill.

Free from prejudice

Bitsafe believes in equal opportunity, respect and care for everyone independent of race, gender, religion or sexual identity.

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About Bitsafe

Banks always had a monopoly on storing your money. But accessing your money, either physically or online, is still a nightmare. If you want to use their services you have to go by their rules. Bitsafe understands that the world of finance is evolving. Instead of stashing your gold bars in an underground safe, Bitsafe protects your cash, domains and other digital assets in one discreet account without compromising your true identity to others.

And as we don’t provide loans or use your funds for speculation, there are no restrictions or waiting times for withdrawals. Whether you want to open up an online payment account or register a domain name without having your identity exposed, Bitsafe offers an array of services that allows you to conduct your business in a safe and secure environment.

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